First Parish Leadership

The mission of the Governing Board is

to ensure that all policies, practices and procedures at First Parish are direct reflections of the First Parish Mission: to nurture the spirit, build community and help heal the world.  We are ultimately responsible to the congregation for the financial health of the church. In ongoing partnership with our minister, we support one another in developing the Governing Board focus for the church year and we hold one another accountable to maintain that focus.  We recognize and honor the potential transformative power and opportunities for personal growth that are available in spiritual community.


2013-2014 First Parish Governing Board

The Governing Board covenants to
keep the First Parish mission – to nurture the spirit, grow in community and help heal the world – at the forefront of what we do and how we do it. 

We promise to show up when we say we will show up and to communicate honestly and directly with one another.  This promise means we will neither triangulate our communications nor harbor hidden agendas.  We will ask each other for help when we need it and we commit to hold personal information in confidence. 

In our work together, we promise to stay focused and use our time together wisely.  We commit to make our work transparent to the Congregation, including clearly communicating any decisions we make.

 Celine  McFarquhar 
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 Carolyn Barschow 
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At-Large Representative 
 Anne Heminway 
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At-Large Representative 
 Tom Rogers 
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At-Large Representative 
 Richard van Bergen 
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Finance Liaison to Board 
 Peter Curry 
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President, Trustees 
 Stephen Jenks 
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